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Our team jumps to the task at hand that blocks you from being productive.
We solve any Cyber, Network, Server or I.T. issue you may have, just to name a few:

  • Anti-virus and Firewall solutions
  • Detecting & removing computer viruses
  • Data Recovery
  • Solving email & internet problems
  • Identify & resolve hardware & software problems
  • All hardware & software sales (Computers, Serverd, Laptops, Tablets & accessories)
  • Design & implementation of network infrastructures
  • And many more
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A disaster can strike at any moment. We provide our clients with easy-to-use backup and recovery solutions to avoid loss of valuable data and tedious downtime.

Using modern technology, local or remote data can be backed up to virtually any storage device including hard drives, disks or cloud solutions. Recovery is fast and efficient. With a few simple clicks, you can restore your data and be up and running.

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With the modern-day trends our aim is to grasp not only the mind but the eye as well.

Visibility will help maintain our clients’ competitive edge in their specialized markets.

  • Logo design
  • Corporate design
  • Digital banner design
  • And many more
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With over 40 vinyl colours to choose from, we can design, brand and colour your business on virtually any medium.

  • Window & door branding
  • Wall art
  • Vehicle branding
  • Corporate merchandise branding
  • Frosted vinyl
  • Safety signs
  • Signage (Indoor & Outdoor Advertising)
  • And many more
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Unique situations require unique solutions.

Please do not hesitate to contact KDS in such an occurrence.

We will tailor-make a solution to for fill our client’s needs.

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