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From only R 1450.00

Website Packages

Host your emails and website with Kruger Design Studio.

Select a package from ONLY R85.00 p/m.

Hosting Packages

We spoil our clients with unbeatable prices on our diverse range of computer merchandise.

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Website Design & Development

We specialize in designing powerful branded websites. Our websites are compliant with the W3C standards and are compatible with all the latest devices.

Website, Email & Database Hosting

We offer a wide range of hosting packages to host your newly designed website and emails. From as little as R 85.00 p/m.

Computer Merchandise

Servers / Desktops / Notebooks / Projectors / Storage Solutions / Peripherals / IP Surveillance and many more.

High Performance Rigs

We also offer amazing Intel™ rigs with your option of choice on GPU cards Nivida™ or Radeon™. We offer also amazing gaming peripherals on brands like Corsair™, CoolerMaster™ and Gigabyte™.

I.T. Consulting

We jump to the task at hand that blocks you from being productive. We solve any Cyber, Network, Server or I.T. issue you may have.

Backup Solutions

Being secured not only at the bank is important, but having security and redundancy of your DATA is also very important. You never know how much your data is worth until you lost it. Kruger Design Studio have your importance in mind, and will be able to help you secure a redundancy of your DATA.

Vinyl Branding

We can assist with almost any vinyl branding. Please contact us to obtain more information.

Logo Design

Have an idea for your business image? Let us draw it, design it and digitise it for you.

Other Specialized Services

Kruger Design Studio have a lot more up its sleeve, contact us now for any of your queries and we will try and help you to our utmost best.

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